Building Moonwalk from web3 founder, Shiv.eth

Featuring Builder: shiv.eth
With Natasha Khimji & Tom Lombardozzi3 min read

Tell us about what you’re building at Moonwalk and where you want to take it

At Moonwalk, we’re building the easiest onboarding platform into Web3 and NFT’s for major brands, gaming platforms and creators. Moonwalk is a no-code platform that includes NFT generative collections, social token/P2E tokens, an NFT/token utility wallet, and token-gating integrations with social, content, the metaverse and ticketing. There’s a lot of complexity with Web3, and our goal is to abstract that all out to make it easy for the 99% to get involved.  

We’re working with some great gaming brands: for example, teams in the Overwatch League and Call of Duty League, and PC games like Cobra Kai and Evil Dead, as well as a number of musicians and music brands. 

Our goal is to really scale out our gaming/P2E business over the next 12 months, and specifically do more in the metaverse.

What was your initial experience in web3/crypto? How has that changed since becoming the founder of a web3/crypto company?

I started in 2016/17 as a founder/builder creating an NFT ticketing company named Blockparty. I was trying to solve a real problem, since prior to founding Blockparty I co-owned a music festival where ticket scalpers were really hitting our bottom line. 

Initially, I started tinkering around on Hyperledger but then moved to Ethereum in 2017. The biggest issue I had growing my startup at the time was that no one outside of the crypto space really cared that much about NFT’s or blockchain, so it was a challenge to do the type of big deals with music festivals and sports teams that I was hoping to do. 

Is there anyone in the space you look to for insights?

I’ve been lucky enough to develop friendships with great founders and investors in the space. The founder of Parallel NFT, Kalos, is a source of inspiration and motivation. David Namdar, cofounder of Galaxy, initially got me into Bitcoin and is my sherpa into DeFi and investor strategy. 3LAU was an advisor at my first company Blockparty and he’s really insightful in general on the pulse of the market and growth strategy.

What has been your worse mistake since entering the web3/crypto space?

Not going big enough when I had conviction. I called the bottom during Covid around March 26th, 2020 and didn’t go big enough into Bitcoin. 

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